The Windmill and the Teenaged Nazi: Marshes from Hell

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Video Description:

In this video, you will learn more about the Algonquin Regiment and the Hitler Jugend.

Duration: 2:02
Codec: h.264
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  • A screen grab of Joe driving a vintage style car at night.
    00:00:01 - 00:00:41

    The scene opens with haunting music and on-screen text reading:

    Windmill and the Teenaged Nazi: The Marshes of Hell

    Joe’s voice-over begins and there is a flashback of Joe driving at night through deserted streets.

    I was beat. I’d spent the night just driving the back roads, thinking this thing through - trying to connect the dots, see how this puzzle all fits together.

    I was now on my third cup of java and  just spinning my wheels.

    Then Joe is in the library, worn out and drinking coffee, stacks of books at his feet. Joe is stressed and tired, seeing shadows on the wall that make him jumpy.

    I had the knife and I had the Algonquins – that was making sense – but the windmill?  Time was ticking too, and I knew the Boss was one tough lady. She wasn’t backing off on her twenty-four hour limit.  And she was watching me like a hawk.

  • Screen grab of Joe looking at the image of a map in the book he is holding.
    00:00:42 - 00:01:12

    He looks around where a shadow passes on the wall behind him and shudders, then he gets up abruptly and leaves. As he does, he passes by the Morse code machine and taps out S.O.S.

    I headed over to the communication room and hit the S.O.S.

    Lockheart was waiting for me – didn’t bother with a good morning - I didn’t have time for that anyway – she just tossed me the book.

    Joe catches the book that Lottie throws at him as he comes into the exhibit. As he opens it, the camera zooms in on the map of the Algonquin’s route.

    The image of the map on the page fades into a photograph of soldiers passing in front of a windmill.

    Warpath: The story of the Algonquin Regiment. Cassidy again! I cracked it open - seeing where the Algonquins were headed after they muscled their way up through the Falaise Gap.

    Headed to Bleaksville eh? But Lockheart shut me down, said it was called Belgium.

  • A screen grab of Joe sitting beside Lottie’s desk holding the knife and the painting.
    00:01:13 - 00:02:02

    Lottie shows Joe video footage of the push into Belgium.

    I guess the Germans were sticking like glue to the coast, trying to block Allied supplies from getting in.

    Lottie shows Joe video footage on an old fashioned of the push into Belgium.

    That meant the Algonquins had to go in and clear out the Scheldt, a series of swamps, marshes and ditches sure to make a guy’s life hell.

    Joe stops Lottie, noticing a windmill in the footage. He asks her to re-wind the film.

    Then I saw it, whoa I said, back that up, and Lockheart played it again, and there it was: a windmill. Of course, the canal and the windmill. The Scheldt.

    Then it was as clear as anything – this knife and windmill was about the Algonquin’s push from Normandy up through Belgium and on to liberate Holland - and Cassidy’s role in it.

    Joe is then in the hallway and is hanging Cassidy’s painting of the windmill on the wall.

     I said sayonara to Lockheart and headed out to write my magnum opus.

    Screen freezes.