Introduction: Small Town Canada at War

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Video Description:

In this video you will receive instructions and be introduced to the two history detectives.

Duration: 1:27
Codec: h.264
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  • A screen grab of a small army tank with a driver and two people on a street
    00:00:01 - 00:00:18

    (As the video begins, there is soft piano music and the viewer sees a high angled camera shot of a set of outside steps leading down towards a large building. The view pans down the stairs until the viewer sees a Bren carrier – a small green army tank – driving on the street below.)

    On-screen text appears:

    The Bunker Military Museum presents

    Small Town Canada at War: The story of the brave Canadians who have contributed to Canada’s wartime effort.

    Starring Alex Belanger as Joe Jamieson and Lola as Lottie Lockheart.

    The slow pan continues from above, slowly moving towards street level as the Bren carrier drives alongside the building with two young people in it. The voice-over begins:

    VO: Behind the doors of the historic Fraser Hotel, a hotel that has seen banks, stock exchanges, and drinking establishments come and go, is the Bunker Military Museum. 

  • A screen grab of a black and white photograph of the exterior of the Royal Bank of Canada building.
    00:00:19 - 00:00:58

    As the voice-over continues, a series of images appear comparing modern street scenes with historic photographs of the same street with the Fraser Hotel on the corner. These historic images are preceded by a special light effect.

    And behind the doors of the Bunker Military Museum lies much to be discovered.

    It falls to museum employees, Joe Jamieson and Lottie Lockheart, to assist in the care of this collection, to sweep and dust, to organize and to file.

    At this point the Bren carrier drives up on the sidewalk and comes to a stop. The camera shows the side door to the building that then fades into a historic photograph of the same doorway.

    But they are not content with this work.

    Joe and Lottie get out of the Bren carrier and walk around the corner to the front doors of the Bunker Military Museum.

    For Joe and Lottie, there are secrets that remain buried in the darkened storerooms of the museum, mysteries in the shadows that are yet to be discovered. There are stories that have lain dormant for years, stories waiting to be told.

    More historic images are presented as if in a slide projector. 

  • A screen grab of a woman and two young people entering a large beige building.
    00:00:59 - 00:01:27

    Often in a race against the clock, often working in secret and under pressure, these two would-be detectives will need your help to tell these stories, to bring them to light. 

    Joe and Lottie stop outside the doors of the museum and a woman comes down the nearby stairs, unlocking the front doors and going in; Lottie and Joe follow her in.

    This is your mission:  to first chose a mystery, either The Mannequin & the Diary or The Windmill & the Teenaged Nazi.

    Watch the videos carefully for clues and good luck!