The Windmill and the Teenaged Nazi: A Knife on the Back

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Video Description:

In this video, you will be introduced to one of the detectives and see a number of wartime paintings.

Duration: 1:43
Codec: h.264
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  • A screen grab of a woman with a flashlight looking at paintings hanging in a long hallway
    00:00:00 - 00:00:41

    Moody music playing as on-screen text appears on screen:

    The Windmill and the Teenage Nazi: A Knife in the Back.

    The scene opens in a long, narrow hallway cast in extreme shadow. Paintings line the wall. Harsh light falls on the figure of a woman slowly walking down the hall with a flashlight. She then stops to exam an empty space on the wall where a painting should clearly be hanging.

    A voice-over by Joe begins:

    “So there was a painting missing -  that’s how it all started."

    The film cuts to Joe who is in a storage room searching through a long row of photographs. Joe is wearing suspenders and crisp white shirt. His hair is slicked back and he is looking through a stack of pictures on the floor. He selects one and places it on a trunk.

    Voice over continues:
    A gap in the wall that needed filling, and it was going to be my job to do the filling. The Boss had said, “Find me a painting, make sure it's got a story to tell, and have it ready within 24 hours, we have a big weekend coming up.”  Then she’d said, ‘And no junk, understand Joe?'

    As Joe continues, we see flashbacks to a series of shots of him polishing a glass case, sweeping the hallway and mopping the floor. We also see him greeting visitors to the museum and he appears visibly bored!

  • A screen grab of Joe holding knife and looking at painting of windmill on landscape.
    00:00:42 - 00:01:43

    “No junk?  I’d show her. I’d been at the museum for over a month and so far it was just sweeping and stacking and smiling at the tourists – this was going to be my big break.

    Joe is then back in the storage room and selecting more paintings and placing them on various trunks.

    It had been simple enough- head over to storage, grab a good-looking chunk of old war art, write up a script for it, and voila – history hero. “

    As Joe starts to look through some paintings stacked against the wall, he says:

    “But things got complicated pretty quick.
    I ‘d pulled out a few pieces, popping them up to get a better look. I was just setting out the last one and my hand caught on something on the back of it.”

    Joe is placing the paintings up on a stack of trunks when he nicks his finger in the process. He reaches behind the painting and brings out a knife that had been taped to the back.

    “A small dagger.”

    Joe stares at the knife for a second then stands back and looks at the four paintings and examines the knife closely.

    I had to make a decision and make it quick. Did I do the smart thing or did I pick this pretty little landscape with a knife strapped to its back?

    Screen freezes.