The Windmill and the Teenaged Nazi: Tough Teens

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Video Description:

In this video, you will learn more about the significance of the knife found on the back of the painting.

Duration: 1:46
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  • A screen grab of Lottie in a red dress showing a gun to a family of four.
    00:00:00 - 00:00:32

    Eerie music plays and on screen text appears:

    The Windmill and the Teenaged Nazi: Tough Bunch of Teens

    The camera focuses on a large clock on the wall.  Joe is beside the clock in the storage room, holding up the knife. A voice-over begins:

    24 hours wasn’t a heck of a lot of time to figure out the connection between these two artefacts. Maybe I was in over my head, maybe I wasn’t, but I sure wasn’t walking away now.

    The camera shows the painting of the windmill.

    I was getting nowhere, so I shot a couple of photos over to Lottie Lockheart.
    She was stuck over in the World War Two Exhibit in one of those historic recreations.

    Lottie Lockheart, wearing a 1940s style dress, is talking with a family at her exhibit. The family moves along and Lottie goes over to her desk and begins working on her computer.

  • Lottie is sitting at her desk with the word Hitlerjugend superimposed over her image.
    00:00:33 - 00:01:12

    She was one of the best researchers the museum had and there she was, playing nice with the tourists. What a waste.

    I was on my second cup of java and still waking up when she texted back. She had one word for me:


    The Hitler Youth.

    The word Hilter Jugend appears on the screen in stylized lettering.

    Joe arrives in Lottie’s exhibit area and joins her by her computer. There is an image of the Hitler youth enlarged on the wall behind them. It is a black and white photograph of young boys in uniform standing at attention.

    When I got over to Lockheart’s exhibit, she popped an image up on the screen, asking me what I knew about the Hilter Jugend. Said I knew what everyone knew, that the Hitler Youth were started by the Nationalist Socialist Party, that they went to camp, and exercised, and had street fights, so what? 

  • A screen grab of Joe checking various mannequins with his flashlight.
    00:01:13 - 00:01:46

    As Joe is talking a close-up image of a Hitler Youth uniform is seen enlarged behind them.

    Lockheart said there was more to it, said I should get out there in the museum and see if there was anything else linked to the Hilter-Jugend. Told me to keep her posted.

    Joe heads out into the museum. It is fairly dark so he uses a flashlight to investigate the mannequins on display at the museum. 

    So off I went, checking out every mannequin in every dark corner in the joint. I had some idea what I was looking for, but narrowing it down was tough. Time wasn’t on my side either, so I figured it was time to cut my losses and narrow down the field. But which one of these dummies was going to tell me what I needed?

    The screen freezes.